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Welcome to acc-pool.pw Electra (ECA) mining pool.

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Payout System Proportional Payout
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Withdrawal Fee 0 ECA
Difficulty Selections Automatic or Selectable (2 - 16384)
Stratum Support Yes
Payout Options Automatic or Manual
Pool Infrastructure Solid State

New Electra wallet.
posted 06/23/2017 02:21:46 by EuroLine

I want to thank the pool manager by letting me send this message through his mailing list. Due to the seriousness of the situation that Electra was in, I decided to seek out a developer who had experience forking both his own cryptocurrency as well as others in order to ensure the best solution for my community. In fact, the new wallet is entirely the work of this developer and by helping me he has saved Electra. This developer, bumbacoin, will also be receiving part of my pre-mine for his contributions. As promised, I have not abandoned Electra and did my utmost to ensure that it got fixed properly. Download the new wallet here:


If you’re using Windows, download Electra-qt-win32-v1100.zip
If you’re using Linux, wallet is in file titled Source Code

You simply need to delete the old wallet and replace it with the one in the link. 
DO NOT delete appdata unless it is backed up or your ECA will be lost forever. 
DO NOT trade in Novaexchange until they update their ECA wallet.
DO NOT rely on CryptoBE until they update their ECA wallet.
I will inform everyone when Nova and CBE have updated.

The new wallet will feature 2000 extra POW blocks with 1 ECA rewards so that people can get their unconfirmed ECA confirmed so that it will be eligible for POS. Due to the large inputs that will be going in most people’s wallets during the upcoming days, difficulty may become volatile but this will be over once everyone has finished withdrawing from the pool.

Though the code of the original wallet was working properly, the reason the blocks froze was because only 6 people seemed eligible to stake in the entire network even though Electra had been out for 2 months and there are now about 300 users. After getting their ECA confirmed, I encourage everyone to create and stake from as many addresses as they can in order to prevent this type of episode from reoccurring. 

Best regards,